1: Discover the White Lion, a rare breed with a price tag starting at US$2 million.

2: Meet the Blue Throated Macaw, an exquisite bird worth up to US$40 million.

3: Learn about the White Siberian Tiger, a majestic feline valued at US$5 million.

4: Explore the Lavender Albino Ball Python, a stunning reptile priced at US$4 million.

5: Uncover the Platinum Arowana, a rare fish valued at US$6 million.

6: Dive into the Chimera Pegasus, a mythical creature worth US$15 million.

7: Marvel at the Diamond Mermaid, a legendary being priced at US$20 million.

8: Encounter the Golden Phoenix, a mythical bird worth US$30 million.

9: Experience the Rainbow Unicorn, a magical creature valued at US$25 million.