1: Explore the exquisite "Balloon Dog" by Jeff Koons, sold for a staggering US$58.4 million.

2: Discover the timeless "L'Homme au doigt" by Alberto Giacometti, auctioned for US$141.3 million.

3: Marvel at the intricate "Boy with a Pipe" by Pablo Picasso, fetching an astounding US$104.2 million.

4: Behold the captivating "Nude Sitting on a Divan" by Amedeo Modigliani, valued at US$170.4 million.

5: Admire the iconic "Water Lily" by Claude Monet, sold for an impressive US$110.7 million.

6: Appreciate the stunning "Sylvette" by Pablo Picasso, auctioned for US$31.9 million.

7: Witness the enchanting "Tête de Femme" by Amedeo Modigliani, valued at US$42.8 million.

8: Experience the beauty of "Odalisque in Grisaille" by Henri Matisse, sold for US$33.6 million.

9: Explore the world of high-priced art with these remarkable sculptures worth millions.