1: LeBron James' Game-Worn Jersey Own a piece of history with this rare jersey, valued at $4 million.

2: Babe Ruth's Baseball Bat The bat that made history in the hands of a legend, priced at $2 million.

3: Michael Jordan's Rookie Basketball Card A collector's dream, this card is valued at an astounding $6 million.

4: 1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card One of the rarest cards in existence, selling for over $40 million.

5: Jackie Robinson's Game-Worn Baseball Cap An iconic symbol of bravery and excellence, priced at $3 million.

6: Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Stick The legendary stick that scored hundreds of goals, valued at $5 million.

7: Muhammad Ali's Boxing Gloves The gloves worn by the greatest boxer of all time, selling for $7 million.

8: Usain Bolt's Sprinting Shoes The shoes that made history on the track, priced at $2.5 million.

9: Tiger Woods' Golf Club The club that won countless titles, valued at $3.5 million.