1: Meet the Golden Tabby Tiger, a rare variant with a value of US$2 million due to its unique golden fur.

2: Discover the Lavender Albino Ball Python, valued at US$40,000 for its stunning lavender and white coloration.

3: Learn about the Palm Cockatoo, a rare bird worth US$16,000 due to its distinctive black beak and crest.

4: Explore the Hyacinth Macaw, prized at US$12,000 for its vibrant blue feathers and impressive size.

5: Uncover the Platinum Arowana, a fish worth US$400,000 for its shimmering platinum scales and rarity.

6: Delve into the White Lion, a majestic creature valued at US$138,000 for its rare white coat and regal appearance.

7: Meet the Pink Dolphin, an elusive marine mammal worth US$25,000 due to its unique pink coloration.

8: Discover the Rarest Frog in the World, the Loa Water Frog, valued at US$10,000 for its vibrant colors and endangered status.

9: Explore the White Peacock, a stunning bird worth US$5,000 for its rare all-white plumage and impressive tail feathers.