1: Discover the Lost City of Paititi, rumored to hold treasures worth over US$40 million.

2: Uncover the mystery of the Amber Room, a treasure worth US$500 million, stolen during World War II.

3: Explore the Oak Island Money Pit, believed to contain treasures worth millions of dollars.

4: Journey to the Beale Ciphers, a hidden treasure worth over US$65 million yet to be found.

5: Dive into the legends of the Flor de la Mar shipwreck, rumored to contain treasures worth US$3 billion.

6: Seek out the lost Inca gold, treasures hidden in the Andes mountains worth millions of dollars.

7: Embark on a quest for the San Jose Galleon shipwreck, holding treasures worth over US$17 billion.

8: Unearth the secrets of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, legendary treasures worth millions of dollars.

9: Join the hunt for the Forrest Fenn treasure, a hidden chest worth over US$2 million waiting to be found.