1: Tuna salad may contain high amounts of mayonnaise and calories, hindering weight loss progress.

2: Tuna salad often lacks essential nutrients needed for a balanced diet, impacting weight loss goals.

3: Tuna salad can be high in sodium, leading to bloating and water retention during weight loss.

4: Tuna salad may contain added sugars in dressings, sabotaging weight loss efforts.

5: Tuna salad can be high in unhealthy fats, hindering weight loss and promoting inflammation.

6: Tuna salad may not keep you feeling full for long, leading to overeating and weight gain.

7: Tuna salad can contain hidden calories from added ingredients like cheese or croutons, hindering weight loss.

8: Tuna salad can be high in mercury, limiting consumption and impacting weight loss progress.

9: There are healthier protein options for weight loss such as grilled chicken or tofu, instead of tuna salad.