1: Jim Carrey's role in "Liar Liar" had fans in stitches, but did you know the risky story decision that made the comedy classic even funnier?

2: When Carrey's character is unable to lie, the script called for hilarious improvised scenes that had audiences rolling with laughter.

3: Carrey's commitment to the role and his stellar comedic timing brought about some of the most memorable moments in the film.

4: The risky decision to let Carrey go off-script paid off, resulting in a comedy classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.

5: "Liar Liar" solidified Carrey's status as a comedy legend and showcased his unparalleled talent for physical comedy and improvisation.

6: The decision to let Carrey's comedic genius shine through in "Liar Liar" created a film that is beloved by fans around the world.

7: Carrey's ability to bring humor and heart to the character made "Liar Liar" not just funny, but also a touching and heartwarming film.

8: The combination of Carrey's comedic chops and the risky story decision in "Liar Liar" resulted in a comedy classic that stands the test of time.

9: Discover the behind-the-scenes moments that made Jim Carrey's 1997 comedy classic even funnier and cemented his status as a comedic icon.