1: Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic black wedding dress is a symbol of her unique style and individuality.

2: Wearing black on her wedding day was a bold move that set her apart from traditional brides.

3: The dress, designed by Morgane Le Fay, featured a stunning silhouette with intricate details.

4: Sarah Jessica Parker has stated that her one regret about the gown is not saving it for her daughter.

5: Despite this regret, she still cherishes the memories of wearing the dress on her special day.

6: The black wedding dress has become an iconic fashion moment, inspiring brides to think outside the box.

7: Sarah Jessica Parker's courageous choice to wear black symbolizes her fearless attitude towards fashion.

8: The dress represents her individuality and willingness to break the rules of traditional bridal attire.

9: Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic black wedding dress will forever be remembered as a bold and beautiful statement of style.