1: "Line of Duty" Get ready for intense interrogation scenes and plot twists galore in this gripping British police drama.

2: "True Detective" Follow flawed detectives as they tackle dark mysteries in this anthology series filled with unforgettable performances.

3: "Broadchurch" Join DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller as they investigate crimes in the picturesque but deadly town of Broadchurch.

4: "The Wire" Experience the gritty reality of Baltimore's drug trade and police department in this critically acclaimed drama series.

5: "NYPD Blue" Follow the lives of tough NYPD detectives as they navigate the rough streets of New York City in this classic series.

6: "Fargo" Enter the twisted world of Fargo, where quirky characters and dark humor collide in unpredictable ways.

7: "Mindhunter" Join FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they interview serial killers to solve complex cases in this chilling series.

8: "The Shield" Follow the corrupt activities of an LAPD strike team as they blur the lines between right and wrong in this intense drama.

9: "True Crime" Explore real-life cases and investigations in this documentary-style series that will leave you questioning everything.