1: Chris Hemsworth posses the strength and charisma to bring Hercules to life on the big screen.

2: Henry Cavill's chiseled features and acting chops make him a natural fit for the role of Hercules.

3: Michael B. Jordan's versatility and charm could make him a standout Hercules in Disney's remake.

4: Armie Hammer's suave demeanor and leading man appeal could make him a great fit for Hercules.

5: Tom Hiddleston's acting range and dynamic presence could make him an intriguing choice for Hercules.

6: Alexander Skarsgård's commanding presence and physicality would make him a formidable Hercules.

7: Chris Evans' boyish charm and heroic qualities could make him a compelling Hercules.

8: Keanu Reeves' stoic demeanor and action star prowess could make him a unique choice for Hercules.

9: Idris Elba's charisma and talent make him a strong contender for the role of Hercules in Disney's remake.