1: Introducing Ektra: Kodak camera features in a phone. Capture high-quality photos with ease.

2: Dual Lens Camera: Ektra offers a dual lens system for sharp, detailed images.

3: Manual Controls: Take control of your photography with manual camera settings on Ektra.

4: Image Editing: Edit photos directly on Ektra with built-in editing tools.

5: High-Quality Prints: Print your Ektra photos in stunning quality, just like Kodak cameras.

6: Filters and Effects: Add filters and effects to your photos on Ektra for a unique touch.

7: Camera Modes: Ektra comes with different camera modes for various shooting situations.

8: Instant Sharing: Share your Ektra photos instantly on social media platforms.

9: Ektra: The perfect blend of Kodak camera features and smartphone convenience.