1: Discover five Pilates exercises that will strengthen your core better than situps. Improve your posture and balance with these effective movements.

2: Bridge pose engages your lower back and glutes while targeting your core muscles. Lift and lower your hips to feel the burn.

3: Plank pose challenges your entire core, including your abs, back, and shoulders. Hold a straight line from head to heels for maximum benefit.

4: Side plank targets your obliques and strengthens your side body. Lift your hips and hold for a strong and stable core.

5: Leg circles work your core and hip flexors. Make small controlled circles with your legs to engage your lower abs.

6: Scissor kicks engage your lower abs and hip flexors. Alternate kicking your legs in a scissoring motion for a challenging core workout.

7: Hundreds challenge your core endurance and stability. Pump your arms and breathe as you lift your legs into a tabletop position.

8: Teaser pose works your entire core and challenges your balance. Lift your legs and upper body off the mat for a strong core workout.

9: Incorporate these Pilates exercises into your workout routine for a stronger core and improved overall strength. Say goodbye to situps and hello to a more effective core workout.