1: Google Pixel 3 vs Pixel 2: What's Changed Discover the key differences between Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 smartphones.

2: Design Upgrades The Pixel 3 boasts a sleeker design with a larger display compared to the Pixel 2.

3: Camera Improvements Experience enhanced camera features like Night Sight and Top Shot on the Pixel 3.

4: Performance Boost Enjoy faster performance and improved battery life on the Pixel 3 over the Pixel 2.

5: Software Updates Stay up-to-date with the latest Android updates and security patches on the Pixel 3.

6: Wireless Charging The Pixel 3 offers wireless charging capabilities, a new feature not available on the Pixel 2.

7: Dual Front Cameras Capture stunning selfies and wide-angle group shots with the dual front cameras on the Pixel 3.

8: Waterproof Design The Pixel 3 is IP68 certified, making it water and dust resistant, a step up from the Pixel 2.

9: Price Comparison Compare pricing between the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 to see which model fits your budget and needs.