1: Google Pixel 5 vs Pixel 4a: A comparison of Google's 2020 phones.

2: Pixel 5 features 5G connectivity, while Pixel 4a does not.

3: Pixel 5 boasts a water-resistant design, a feature missing in Pixel 4a.

4: Pixel 5 offers wireless charging, a convenience not present in Pixel 4a.

5: Pixel 5 has a larger display compared to Pixel 4a.

6: Pixel 5 sports a higher resolution camera than Pixel 4a.

7: Pixel 5 comes with a faster processor than Pixel 4a.

8: Pixel 5 has a longer battery life than Pixel 4a.

9: Overall, Pixel 5 outshines Pixel 4a in features and performance in the Google 2020 phone lineup.