1: Katrina Law, who plays Jessica Knight on NCIS, hopes to team up with Ziva, played by Cote de Pablo.

2: The actress expressed her desire for a collaboration between Jessica and Ziva in the popular crime drama.

3: Fans are excited about the potential dynamic between the two strong female characters on NCIS.

4: Both Jessica and Ziva have a history of being fierce and independent women on the show.

5: Katrina Law's enthusiasm for a collaboration with Cote de Pablo has sparked fan interest.

6: Many fans are eager to see Jessica and Ziva work together on NCIS.

7: The potential collab between Jessica and Ziva could bring an exciting new dynamic to the show.

8: Katrina Law's wishes for her character to work alongside Ziva have caught the attention of fans.

9: The possibilities for Jessica and Ziva to team up on NCIS are endless, and fans are eagerly anticipating this potential collaboration.