1: After House of the Dragon Season 2 reveal, the theory that Rhaenyra Targaryen's fate was different gains credibility.

2: Fans speculate that Rhaenyra survived the Dance of the Dragons due to clues in season 1.

3: New evidence points to Rhaenyra secretly switching places with her half-sister.

4: The theory argues that Rhaenyra's survival was kept hidden to protect her.

5: Doubts about Rhaenyra's demise are fueled by House of the Dragon revelations.

6: Could Rhaenyra's survival change the course of Westerosi history?

7: Fans are eager to see how the theory plays out in Season 2.

8: Will Rhaenyra Targaryen's fate be revisited in upcoming episodes?

9: The major theory gains traction as House of the Dragon continues to captivate viewers.