1: Original NCIS actors reunite after missing the 1000th episode. Fans rejoice as Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, and Cote de Pablo come together for a special reunion.

2: The trio reminisces about their time on the hit show and shares behind-the-scenes stories with fans. Their chemistry onscreen is undeniable as they recreate iconic scenes.

3: Harmon, Weatherly, and de Pablo express their gratitude to the loyal fans who have supported NCIS for over 18 seasons. Their reunion is a momentous occasion for all.

4: The actors reflect on the impact of NCIS on their careers and personal lives. They credit the show for launching them into stardom and creating lifelong friendships.

5: Harmon, Weatherly, and de Pablo tease the possibility of working together again on a new project. Fans speculate about a potential NCIS spinoff or movie in the future.

6: The trio's reunion sparks a resurgence in interest for NCIS, with viewers binge-watching old episodes and trending on social media. The show's legacy continues to inspire new generations.

7: Harmon, Weatherly, and de Pablo's chemistry is as strong as ever, leaving fans hopeful for future collaborations. The trio's reunion proves that some bonds are unbreakable.

8: The actors share heartfelt messages of appreciation for the NCIS cast and crew who made the show possible. Their reunion is a tribute to the show's enduring success.

9: As Harmon, Weatherly, and de Pablo bid farewell to fans, they leave behind a lasting legacy of friendship and camaraderie. The original NCIS actors' reunion will be remembered for years to come.