1: Simone Biles addresses backlash over husband's "The Catch" nickname in their relationship.

2: Critics question gender roles in Simone Biles' relationship after husband's controversial nickname.

3: Simone Biles defends husband's playful nickname, emphasizing mutual respect and support in their bond.

4: Social media weighs in on Simone Biles' response to criticism of husband's self-proclaimed "The Catch" title.

5: Simone Biles confronts stereotypes and expectations surrounding relationships in public eye.

6: Supporters applaud Simone Biles for standing by her husband amidst controversy over his relationship title.

7: Simone Biles sets the record straight on husband's nickname, reaffirming their strong partnership and understanding.

8: Media scrutiny on Simone Biles' personal life sparks debate on modern relationships and individual identities.

9: Simone Biles embraces transparency in addressing criticism of husband's affectionate moniker in their relationship.