1: 1. Empress Sato: Ruthless leader of the Terran Empire. 2. Mirror Spock: Doppelganger of the logical Vulcan. 3. Captain Killy: Bloodthirsty ruler of the ISS Discovery.

2: 4. Intendant Kira: Sadistic overseer in the Bajoran sector. 5. Empress Georgiou: Master manipulator of the Terran Empire. 6. Mirror Archer: Corrupt captain of the ISS Enterprise.

3: 7. Mirror L'Rell: Deceitful Klingon leader. 8. Mirror Sisko: Ruthless rebel fighter. 9. Admiral Black: Brutal commander of the ISS Charon.

4: 10. Mirror Lorca: Manipulative captain with hidden agenda. 11. Empress Hoshi: Treacherous ruler of the Terran Empire. 12. Captain Connor: Merciless leader of the ISS Shenzhou.

5: 13. Captain Eddington: Betrayer in the Mirror Universe. 14. Commander Tilly: Ambitious officer with sinister motives. 15. Admiral Vance: Corrupt Starfleet official in the alternate reality.

6: 16. Mirror Stamets: Twisted scientist of the ISS Discovery. 17. First Officer Saru: Vengeful alien in the Mirror Universe. 18. Admiral Cornwell: Ruthless military leader in the alternate dimension.

7: 19. Mirror Janek: Barbaric captain of the ISS Franklin. 20. Captain Pike: Terrifying tyrant aboard the ISS Enterprise. 21. Lieutenant Detmer: Traitorous officer with a violent streak.

8: 22. Mirror Crusher: Sadistic doctor in the Terran Empire. 23. Admiral Patar: Cruel commander of the ISS Titan. 24. Captain Saavik: Ruthless Vulcan leader in the Mirror Universe.

9: 25. Captain Detmer: Treacherous starship commander. 26. Mirror Bones: Twisted physician aboard the ISS Enterprise. 27. Admiral Paris: Corrupt Starfleet admiral with evil intentions.