1: 1. "All Too Well" remains fan favorite. 2. "The Archer" showcases vulnerability. 3. "Dear John" resonates with emotion.

2: 4. "All You Had to Do Was Stay" boppy. 5. "The Last Time" duet with Gary Lightbody. 6. "Invisible String" speaks of destiny.

3: 7. "Gorgeous" highlights Swift's sense of humor. 8. "The Moment I Knew" heartbreak tale. 9. "Wildest Dreams" dreamy and atmospheric.

4: 10. "Cornelia Street" captures NYC memories. 11. "Forever Winter" bonus track gem. 12. "Gold Rush" catchy and relatable.

5: 13. "Champagne Problems" detailed storytelling. 14. "Enchanted" enchanted by this enchantment. 15. "Ronan" tribute to young boy.

6: 16. "State of Grace" album opener anthem. 17. "Right Where You Left Me" bonus track. 18. "Tolerate It" emotional rollercoaster.

7: 19. "Getaway Car" escape narrative. 20. "Sad Beautiful Tragic" melancholic beauty. 21. "This Is Me Trying" vulnerable and raw.

8: 22. "Holy Ground" energetic and uplifting. 23. "Seven" childhood innocence revisited. 24. "The Lucky One" industry critique.

9: 25. "Tim McGraw" debut single nostalgia. 26. "Come Back... Be Here" pining for love. 27. "Clean" closure and rebirth.