1: Meet the Pangolin, known for their unique appearance and habit of rolling into a ball for protection.

2: The Blue Whale, the largest animal on Earth, also holds the title of one of the cleanest animals.

3: The Arctic Fox's thick fur coat not only keeps them warm in cold climates but also helps keep them clean.

4: The Ladybug, with its bright red shell and black spots, is not only cute but also a clean insect.

5: The Dolphin, known for their playful nature, are also considered one of the cleanest animals in the ocean.

6: The Swan's graceful appearance is matched by its cleanliness, as they are known to preen their feathers regularly.

7: The Koala, with their adorable fluffy ears, not only eat clean eucalyptus leaves but also groom themselves meticulously.

8: The Sea Otter, often seen floating on their backs in the ocean, are also known for their cleanliness and grooming habits.

9: The African Grey Parrot, famous for their intelligence and talking abilities, are also surprisingly clean birds.