1: "The Unexpected Casting Choice" Discover the role that was initially intended for Tom Hanks but ultimately went to Tom Cruise.

2: "Tom Hanks' Perfect Fit" Learn why the role was written with Hanks in mind and how Cruise made it his own.

3: "Audition Process" Uncover the details of how Cruise ended up landing the role instead of Hanks.

4: "The Character Transformation" Explore how Cruise approached the character in a way that Hanks may not have.

5: "Chemistry on Screen" Find out how Cruise's dynamic with the rest of the cast differed from what was anticipated with Hanks.

6: "Box Office Success" See how Cruise's portrayal contributed to the film's success and critical acclaim.

7: "The Legacy of the Role" Discover how Cruise's performance has shaped the future of similar roles in Hollywood.

8: "Fan Reactions" Learn about the fan reactions to the unexpected casting decision and how they have evolved over time.

9: "The Tom Hanks Connection" Explore how Hanks and Cruise have reacted to the shared role and the impact it had on their careers.