1: "Empire" - Taraji P. Henson captivates as Cookie Lyon in this hit series.

2: "Hidden Figures" - Henson shines as Katherine Johnson, a brilliant NASA mathematician.

3: "Hustle & Flow" - Henson's portrayal of Shug steals the show in this drama.

4: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - Henson impresses as Queenie, bringing heart to the film.

5: "Baby Boy" - Henson delivers a powerful performance as Yvette in this emotional drama.

6: "Think Like a Man" - Henson charms audiences as Lauren in this romantic comedy.

7: "No Good Deed" - Henson's portrayal of Terri is a captivating thriller.

8: "Person of Interest" - Henson's role as Joss Carter is a standout in this hit TV series.

9: "Proud Mary" - Henson kicks butt as the fierce hitwoman in this action-packed film.