1: The Google Pixel 6a is a budget-friendly option with the same high-quality camera as the Pixel 6.

2: While the Pixel 6 offers a slightly larger display, the Pixel 6a has a more compact size for easy one-handed use.

3: The Pixel 6a is powered by a slightly lesser processor compared to the Pixel 6, but still offers smooth performance.

4: Both phones come with 5G connectivity, but the Pixel 6a may have slightly slower connection speeds.

5: The Pixel 6a has a plastic back compared to the Pixel 6's glass back, making it more lightweight.

6: The Pixel 6a comes in a few color options, while the Pixel 6 offers a wider range for customization.

7: The Pixel 6a has a smaller battery capacity compared to the Pixel 6, but still provides all-day usage.

8: The Pixel 6a lacks some premium features like wireless charging, which are included in the Pixel 6.

9: Overall, the Google Pixel 6a provides great value for those looking for a budget-friendly option with solid performance.